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Quick and easy drywall finishing tape!

E-Z Peel and Stick Drywall Tape allows for easy spreading of joint compound. The thinness of E-Z Peel and Stick Drywall Tape makes it easy to work with and taping tools won’t snag on tape when joint compound is spread over it.

E-Z Peel & Stick Tape Features

    • Easy mudless application.
    • Strong self-adhesive.
    • Tape is creased down the center to make it easy to fold and install in corners.
    • The tape is removed from the top side of the tape rather than from the bottom making for quicker installation and disposal of the liner.
    • Preferred over mesh tape… no snags and easy to sand!

E-Z Peel & Stick Tape Documentation

Additional testing information, data sheets and Floor/Ceiling Assemblies can be found on the Tech Data page.